Ike's Newsletter November 3, 2023

Call for SUBBY Nominations is Open –Your Nominations are sorely needed

Click here to start nominating those you think should be recognized for excellence in our industry.  There are individuals and companies that deserve a Subby Nomination, but will not be recognized unless you take the time to make meaningful nominations.  Here are some things to think about:

  • It takes some time, but it is worth it to recognize the deserving
  • Have your PMs, APMs, Estimators and others make nominations
  • Make some nominations today and then come back to make additional nominations later
  • This means a lot to those nominated

The Subby Banquet will be held on Feb. 3rd at the McLean Hilton for our 60th Anniversary Event.  Please put that date on your calendar to join the best in our industry. 

Some Subs Have Little Problem with Payment, Back charges and Change Orders – How Do YOU Become Like Them?

On Nov. 29th in Vienna, we will hold a valuable session with Attorneys and a Panel of Subs on how to negotiate fair contract terms upfront so that you do not have to fight for your right to payment during the course of the project.  Click here to register.  The panel leading the discussion will be Andy Cook, K&L Gates; Brian Wood, Smith Currie; Cindy Athey, Precision Wall Tech; Adolph Miranda, A&M Drywall and Martin Press, Press Mechanical.

A reason to attend is shown in this article from Smith Currie about a sub who lost out on $25 million in changes because of the contract. 

Redbrick allows 50% Payment on Change Orders

Redbrick, a well-known owner in our area, is going to include in its contract a clause that allows payment of 50 percent of a change order when the subcontractor has submitted detailed backup to prove it is entitled to payment.  This way money starts moving and work can continue on unresolved issues. The ASAMW Board felt this was a positive step.  What do you think?  

Projects in Montgomery County

Members report difficulty winning bids on projects as part of the Local Small Business Reserve Program in Montgomery County.  So, we met with the Office of Procurement at a Fort Myer Small Business Roundtable event and learned:

  • The Office of Procurement Website offers considerable information about upcoming projects and the status of current projects, including
  • Regarding payments, the county pays the prime within 30 days of approved invoice and state law requires payment to subs 10 days after that.  Are you experiencing more than 40 days for payment on Montgomery County public work?
  • Retainage is ten percent, but can be bonded.  However, GCs are requiring a 98 percent bond in order to continue holding 10 percent retainage. 
  • This site contains more about spending in the county, if you have the time to study it.

The Beige Book 

According to the Federal Reserve Beige Book, commercial real estate activity and lending declined in October; however, leasing remained strong for retail and industrial properties with rents continuing to escalate.  Some members are reporting a loss of jobs to bid, but most seem to continue seeing plenty of work.  What is your situation?  Just hit reply and let me know.

$900M Project in Spotsylvania

Hensel Phelps has broken ground on a water park about an hour south of our region according to this Construction Dive Article.  ASAMW members will be interested in this project which includes a 1.38 million sq. ft. hotel.

There are No Workers in Maryland

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that Maryland has the lowest unemployment in the Nation at 1.6 percent - in September.  Click here if you care to read the total report.  

Robots on Your Projects?  

It looks like you will soon see Robots on your projects according to this Construction Dive Article.  Bricklaying, painting, pile-driving, site lay-out and labor robots are now available.  What do you think?

2024 Project Manager's Workshop – 10 slots left

Please register your APMs, PMs or others for the annual ASAMW Project Manager’s Workshop.  Here is what a recent graduate had to say:

“The workshop will prepare and bring to light many different scenarios that a project manager will encounter throughout their career.  Scenarios such as: reading contracts and what you need to be on the look out for, schedules and timing, claims and how to avoid them or pursue them, change orders and the importance of documentation, safety and many other topics.” - Gyo Arango, Project Manager, Kogok Corp.

Click here for more information and to register your PMs, APMs, estimators, superintendents, or others.  It is limited to two people per company.

Need Clarity on Virginia No Pay if Paid?

Here is the latest article from ConsensusDocs on Virginia’s Pay if Paid law that went into effect in July.  ASAMW was instrumental in the passage of this legislation and feels pay if paid clauses are unfair.  We need to hear from you, if you are still seeing these clauses in Virginia and what you are doing about it.  We need to be aware of the evolution of this issue.


Welcome Stillwater Construction Group – we are pleased to welcome Eric Masters and the team at Stillwater in Great Falls to our family of the Best in the industry.

Member Tatiana Ahlborn with Absolute Builders is promoting a lunch and learn event on November 28th. Dr. Madeleine Wallace will speak about her book on Achieving Organizational Transformation; Lunch and takeaway materials will be included. Learn more and register here

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