ASA Metro Washington Committees work to implement the goals of ASAMW and provide valuable insight on the issues facing the subcontracting industry. Participation in these committees enables members to have a strong voice in the programs in which ASAMW is involved.  Contact Ike Casey, [email protected]; 571-237-7101 if you'd like to volunteer!

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Develops and conducts programs to attract new members; develops prospect lists and develops programs to stimulate recruiting activity.

  • Bernardo Ahlborn (Chair),  Absolute Builders
  • Hugo Sanchez, BSA Contractors
  • Ryan Hogan, Preferred Insurance


SUBBY COMMITTEE:  Meets weekly to plan every aspect of the Annual SUBBYs Gala.

  • Rebecca Price (Chair), Engineered Services, Inc.
  • Tara Minner, Scaffold Resource
  • Patty Peterson, Tindall Corporation
  • Mary Whitlow, Wayne Insulation


SUBBY AWARDS NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  The Subby Nomination Chair and Committee members are appointed by the President of ASA of Metro Washington. The committee members are carefully selected out of a list of current board members and dedicated ASAMW members, who feel strongly about ensuring the integrity of the awards process and to always promote the organization’s mission of “Better Construction Through Fair Construction.”  All construction subcontracting firms are invited to submit as many nominations as they like for most General Contractor of the Year awards.  The Subby Nomination Committee carefully tabulates the nominations and determines the top nominees for the ballot.  Finally, each ASA of Metro Washington member company has one vote for the winner of the SUBBY AWARD. 

  • Chris Pappas (Chair), Telligent Masonry
  • Jeff Belfield, Scaffold Resource
  • Rick Freeman, Southern Insulation
  • Scott Harding, FB Harding
  • Rebecca Price, Engineered Services, Inc.


FRONTRUNNERS: Identifies, develops and involves future leaders in the construction industry and ensures future leadership of ASAMW. 

  • Courtney DeCroes (Chair),  Assured Partners
  • Kaitlin Krasic (Vice-Chair), GE Frisco
  • Troy Cornell, Aronson LLC
  • Brittney Hargrove, Elevation Greenroofs
  • Julian Valderrama, TWI Insulation
  • Rodrigo Valderrama, Advanced Specialty Contractors


GOLF COMMITTEE: Plans and conducts ASAMW golf tournaments and formulates ideas for generating revenue.

  • Kevin Gass (Chair), Assured Partners 
  • Tara Minner, Scaffold Resource 
  • Martin Press, Press Mechanical Contractors                                                                                                                 


  • Chris Pappas, Telligent Masonry


  • ASAMW Executive Board of Directors


  • Chris Pappas (Chair), Telligent Masonry
  • Jeff Belfield, Scaffold Resource
  • Ron Churchey, Shapiro & Duncan
  • Mike Ritter, Long Fence
  • Brian Pollack, Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle, PC, Advisor


  • Mike Ritter, Jr. (Chair), Long Fence
  • Mary Whitlow, Wayne Insulation
  • Rebecca Price, Engineered Services, Inc.
  • Ron Churchey, Shapiro & Duncan
  • Jeffrey Belfield, Scaffold Resource


  • ASAMW Executive Board of Directors

PROFESSIONAL COUNCIL: The ASA Service Members listed below have volunteered to provide complimentary consultation in their field of expertise as a free service to ASA’s subcontractor and vendor members.


Brian K. Pollack, CPA
Lanigan, Ryan,Malcolm & Doyle, PC
Tel:  301.258.8900
Email: [email protected]com

Tom B. Bailey, IV, CPA
Senior Tax Manager
Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell
Tel:  301.986.0600
Email: [email protected]

Nathan "Bucky" S. White, IV, CPA
Thompson Greenspon
Tel:  703.385.8888
Email: [email protected]


Jack Litzenberger
Senior Vice President
Tel:  301.517.5365
Email:  [email protected]

Justin Shutters
Commercial Lender, VP
Capital Bank, NA
Tel:  202.400.2493
Email:  [email protected]


Lynne Cook
Senior Vice President
Assured Partners
Tel:  301.948.5800x168
Email:[email protected]


Jamie Hasty
Vice President
SESCO Management Consultants*
Tel:  804.931-6281
Email:[email protected]
*SESCO is a National ASA Professional

Julie Reddig
Lerch, Early, Brewer
Tel:  301.986-1300
Email:[email protected]


Ryan Hogan
Vice President
Preferred Insurance Services, Inc.
Tel:  703.667.5941
Email: [email protected]

Kevin Gass
Assured Partners
Tel:  301-948-5800, x 177
Email: [email protected]

Hugh Carroll
Senior Account Executive
Insurance Associates
Tel: 301-838-8832
Email: [email protected]


Andy Cook
K&L Gates
Tel:  202.778.9106
Email: [email protected]

Lauren McLaughlin
Briglia McLaughlin, PLLC
Tel:     703.506.1990
Email: [email protected]

Brian Wood
Smith, Currie & Hancock
Tel:  (202) 452-2140
Email: [email protected]

Jackson Nichols
Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC
Tel: (202) 466-4110
Email: [email protected]


Doug Lotierzo
Neuberger and Company, Inc.
Tel: (443) 469-1646
Email: [email protected]




"Last week while we were running payroll, I was asked about a garnishment situation that we had not faced in the past.  Am I an expert on garnishments? No!  But I am the person in the company who has to solve these problems.  I knew I needed the right answer by someone who was an expert, but I didn’t want to pay for an expert.  Then I remembered a little blurb on ASA National’s website about member benefits.   Did you know that ASA members receive complimentary (that means FREE) human resources services, provided by SESCO Management Consulting, including telephone and email consultation? On Friday I sent them a short e-mail.  On Monday morning I got a detailed response to my issue and an invitation for me to call a VP there if I needed further clarification.   Problem solved.  Thank you SESCO, and thank you ASA."

"We had a client (a design professional) that had not paid us on a small job. They said they had not been paid by their client. After many months of excuses, I called one of the attorneys on the Professional Council list. She wrote a letter to my client. A week later the check was in the mail! When I asked how much I owed her, she said there was no charge."

"A whole bunch of new government regulations came out at one time. We knew they applied to us, but with all the different jurisdictions in the DC area, things overlap and become confusing. Once we figured out the questions we needed to ask, I called one of the law firms on the ASA list. They were really helpful and said they would get back to me in a couple days. Two days later I received answers I could trust."