ASAMW GC Partners 

"The organization is larger, stronger and more organized than it was when I first became engaged a handful of years ago. The groups that I have worked with have been excellent resources for me as I hope I have been a good resource for them. That’s what it’s supposed to be about." Ken Collins, L.F. Jennings 


In 1997, the American Subcontractors of Metro Washington (then named Metropolitan Subcontractors Association) gave General Contractors the opportunity to become part of the Construction Industry Education Support Group. These General Contractors were identified by the membership and voted on by the Board of Directors.


  • Develop a community of fair General Contractors and Subcontractors, which gives greater value to the construction owner
  • Market your company to the subcontracting community
  • Upgrade the professionalism of small and mid-size subcontractors on your projects
  • Underwrite the cost of educational efforts

Who Are ASA of Metro Washington GC Partners?

Why Should a General Contractor invest time and resources in ASA of Metro Washington?

ASA of Metro Washington (ASAMW) wants to associate with GCs who have demonstrated a high level of integrity, as determined by the current ASA membership. If a General Contractor already has a positive reputation in the subcontractor community, ASAMW wishes to facilitate the building of new and the strengthening of existing relationships between the General Contractor and ASA of Metro Washington members.   

Below are the responses to frequently asked questions about the Industry Education Support Group (IESG).

1.  What is the unique value that ASA offers, that other organizations who represent the interests of our subcontractors don’t? (Such as ABC, AGC, WBC)

No other organization represents the commercial interests of subcontractors. ASA is politically non-partisan, unlike ABC. WBC is predominately a networking organization. At the national level ASA provides educational materials, mostly related to contracts, and legal advocacy for its members. At the local/state level ASAMW provides forums for its members to talk about GCs and their projects, subcontractor specific educational seminars, legal advice, and advocacy for local and state laws that preserve or enhance the subcontractor’s position. 

2. How would our support of ASA complement (not duplicate) the programming that we already have in place?

This is a situation where you will only get something out of it if you put something into it. We have some GCs who put on educational seminars to benefit our members, and others who provide much needed meeting space. Each GC has a different personality and way of doing business. What is important to your company? What is your definition of a high performing subcontractor and what can you do within ASAMW to elevate more subs to that level?

ASA provides the GC supporter an atmosphere to address specific issues that a subcontractor working for you, or hoping to work for you, will not address. At our panel discussions, we have addressed payment, change orders, communication and other issues in a direct way so that everyone came away with a better understanding of how each company deals with these issues. The subcontractors now have a better understanding of the owner’s power to dictate certain subcontract provisions and how to address payment so that the owner releases it in a timely manner.

Additionally, we realize that a strong Project Manager/Supervisor is a real key to a successful project. We offer opportunities for project managers for both subcontractors and GCs to network and learn from each other on communicating, fair subcontract terms and scheduling. Additionally, we have a young person’s networking group called FrontRunners. Unlike Hammerheads or XYZ, FrontRunners offers subcontractors and GCs a unique opportunity to learn how they can address the major issues on a construction project so that the construction projects of the future are completed successfully.

3.  How does ASA provide a clear and regular connection between the organization, its members, and its GC supporters?

We have a biweekly eNewsletter that addresses the issues mentioned here. At each regular meeting – held at least monthly – there are opportunities for all supporters and members to connect in meaningful ways. The SUBBYs is the ultimate event for connecting the major players in the DC area in a meaningful way.

ASA members, who are also members of many other organizations, tell me that ASA has the most relevant communications. Among them are:

  • The Contractor's Compass, which is the official education journal of the ASA, issued monthly;
  • ASA Today,” a weekly national email news bulletin;
  • Monthly educational webinars; and
  • An annual national educational convention.

4.  What are the opportunities to drive GC engagement overall, including education opportunities?

IESG Supporters are encouraged to drive engagement in the following ways:

  • Lead panel discussions addressing real issues in direct ways
  • Each year we hold an ASA Board/ GC Partner Dinner to brainstorm the major issues facing our GC supporters and what we can do about them
  • Meet at our GC Partner's facility
  • Hold a mock bid day.
  • Invite ASA leadership to your events for Subcontractors