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The Subby Awards Gala is ASA of Metro Washington’s signature event where the best of the best are recognized for achievements that better the construction industry as a whole. This is your chance to nominate companies and individuals who have made a significant contribution in 2023 to uphold ASAMW’s commitment to “Better Construction Through Fair Construction.”

Nominations will be accepted from individuals of ASAMW member companies.
Multiple nominations from a single company are encouraged.


Process:  After Nominations are received from each member company, the SUBBY Awards Nominations Committee will select the top nominees for the SUBBY ballot.  One individual from your company will be allowed to vote on the Subby ballot.

Self-nominations by General Contractors are welcome.  If you are a General Contractor and think your company deserves consideration in any category, your self-nomination will be given fair consideration. View a printable copy here.


Print a paper nomination form and email the completed form back to [email protected].


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