ASA Metro Washington Champions work to implement the goals of ASAMW and provide valuable insight on the issues facing the subcontracting industry. Participation with our Champions enables members to have a strong voice in the programs in which ASAMW is involved.  Contact Ike Casey, [email protected]; 571-237-7101 if you'd like to volunteer!

ACE Representative
Cindy Athey, Precision Wall Tech


NAWIC Joint Event Representatives
Lauren McLaughlin, Smith Currie
Cindy Athey, Precision Wall Tech


DC Advocacy Representative
Cindy Athey, Precision Wall Tech


Professional Council Representative
Brian Pollack, Lanigan Ryan


SIE or Word on the Street Representative
Andy Cook, K & L Gates

Legal Panel Event Representatives
Andy Cook, K & L Gates
Lauren McLaughlin, Smith Currie

VA Advocacy Representatives
Patty Peterson, Tindall Corporation 
Chad Gill, Concreate


Advocacy Fundraiser Event
Ron Churchey, Shapiro and Duncan 
Rebecca Price, Engineered Services, Inc.


GC Partner Group/GC Partner Dinner in August Representative

ASA of Metro Washington Board


MWAA Champion
Kimberlee Driggs, D2 LLC


Liaisons to ASA National

Jeffrey Belfield, Scaffold Resource

Patty Peterson, Tindall Corporation

PM Fundamentals Workshop Representatives
Lou Wicklein, Kogok, Inc.
Ameen Khouri, Shapiro & Duncan


Liaison to National Subcontractors Alliance

Ike Casey, ASA of Metro Washington


Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Conference Representative
Patti Coen, ASA of Metro Washington


Montgomery College Industry Advisory

Committee Representative
Scott Harding, F.B. Harding, Inc.


Change Order Champions
Ron Churchey, Shapiro & Duncan 
Rick Freeman, Southern Insulation


ASA and NSA National Attorney Council Representative

Andy Cook, K & L Gates


Scheduling Champion
Steve Groth 


CFMA Joint Event Representative
Ron Churchey, Shapiro and Duncan


Finishing Contractors Champion
Eric Anderson, ISEC