Ike's Newsletter June 12, 2020

Executive Director's Report

Textura: Protect Your Rights –  Are you aware of what you are agreeing to when you make a pay application in Textura?  The GC can set up the program to obtain a release of lien waiver upon payment.  There are several steps a subcontractor can take to preserve its lien rights, especially on change orders.  A member states, "Textura allows a comments section so notes can be made to the releases, however there’s a way the GC can turn off this ability.  The subcontractor should contact the GC and tell them to turn it on or negotiate the Release Of Lien (ROL) with the GC pre-contract and have them upload this negotiated ROL into Textura for signatures."  According to our legal advisors the safest and most prudent course of action is to negotiate the terms of the release with the general contractor before signing the subcontract.

Have YOU paid your Dues?  We are at a crossroads in the construction industry.  Your participation in needed change will determine if Subcontractors have their rightful place at the table in determining our future.  If you believe in what we are doing, I hope you have already paid your dues for the coming year.  If you are not sure, just reply to this email and we will let you know immediately. 

Construction Starts Down –  Construction starts in the DMV are down 38 percent as compared to the same period last year.  Nonresidential seems to take the biggest hit, being down 45 percent, compared to residential, which is down 27 percent.  The total dollar volume is comparable to that seen in 2012.  This information is provided by Dodge Data & Analytics. 

A Few Spots Left for Golf –  For safety reasons, the golfers in this year’s tournament will be limited, but there are still a few spots left.  Every conceivable safety precaution will be observed.  Please join us.  Whiskey Creek is a great course for a tournament like ours and, like your dues, it helps to support ASAMW.  Click here to register or to sponsor

Today at 11:  See What Other Members are Doing During the COVID Crisis.  Subcontractor members are invited to a Subcontractors’ Information Exchange (SIE) today at 11 am.  Reply to this email if you are a subcontractor member and want to attend this Zoom meeting.  Every sub/supplier member should seriously consider participating in this very valuable exchange. Just hearing from the members of the ASAMW Board is worth your time.  Any individual from a member firm is eligible to attend.  It does not have to be you.  

Tech Event coming June 23rd –  A virtual event will be held on June 23rd to enable ASAMW’s GC Partners to display technologies that might be under-utilized by subcontractors.   This event is presented by and for GCs and Subs and not software vendors.  ASA members get a special discount on Procore.  Click here to learn how.  

Pay if Paid in NY –  An associate with Smith Currie wrote an interesting article on a case in New York in which a general contractor relied on a pay-if-paid clause to not pay an electrical contractor for its work.  Click here to read the entire article.  Maryland limits “pay-if-paid" provisions to a reasonable amount of time, but DC and Virginia do not have legislation to protect subcontractor rights. 

Virtual Excavation Jobsite Tour -   The ASAMW FrontRunners welcome you to join us for a virtual jobsite tour led by Goldin and Stafford! It is rare when you get to see the very beginning stages of a base building project, from the ground-up.  Experience and learn about site work, excavation, shoring, and foundations. Check out cool photos and videos of Earthwork projects, from the comfort of your computer chair! Register Today

Resources:  We developed a resource page on our Website to give subcontractors direction in dealing with contract, HR, loans and other issues.  However, the best resource is other subcontractors.  Email me if you would like to attend today's SIE.

Member Updates

ACME Mechanical announced the following officers of the company:  Carolyn Buckley, CEO; Wayne Fuller, President; Matt Hopkins, Vice President – Operation;, Mike Merrell, Vice President – HVAC Operations.  Carolyn is on the ASAMW Board.

James Green with Precision Wall Tech –  Everyone who knew James Green was saddened to learn of his death by a heart attack two weeks ago.  He participated in this year’s Project Managers’ Workshop.  A Go Fund Me page is set up to defer costs and help his family.  Click here to learn more. 

Cohn Reznick recently held a webinar on "PPP for Contractors: Maximizing Forgiveness, Tracking Costs and Common Issues".  If you are a contractor participating in the Paycheck Protection Program and hope to benefit from loan forgiveness, numerous issues and pitfalls need to be understood. Be prepared and learn more about the PPP’s impact, additional guidance from the SBA and areas yet to be fully defined. View the webinar here

Welcome New Members
AWI – American Iron Works in Hyattsville is the newest member of the ASAMW Family.  Join me in welcoming Raul Cancelado and his team. 

Mobile Video Guard – in Lanham provides video surveillance particularly for the construction industry.  Check out the services provided by Shawn Scarlata and his team.

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