Ike's Newsletter January 22, 2021

Executive Director's Report

Times Call for a NEW WAY – in 2021, ASAMW is moving with you into the new normal.  This calls for changes from past practices; for instance:

Subs Are Clamoring for Fair Subcontracts - Addendum is Ready for YOU! ASAMW believes that most GCs, especially its GC Partners, want to do the right thing. A team of experts at ASAMW has developed a subcontract addendum to make your subcontracts fair. Many of you have received a copy of this addendum and, if not, you can still do so by replying to this email.

Buddy Henley with Henley Construction has reviewed the addendum and states, “We had a lot of reservations about the ASA of Metro Washington Subcontract Addendum, but after hearing the background we understand the reason ASAMW wants to circulate this document and will consider it when it is presented by one of our subcontractors.  Henley Construction uses a modified version of the AIA – A 401 subcontract document (2007) which we feel fosters an atmosphere of fairness. I can understand why subcontractors need to use this addendum with other general contractors who have a different attitude toward this partnership. We feel subcontractors should walk away from bidding GCs who do not offer fair subcontract provisions.”

2021 Subby Awards Cancelled – The fifty-seventh 2021 Subbys will be not be held this year, but we are planning an event that will be equally exciting and very different.  Due to COVID-19 ASAMW decided not to have the evening black tie affair, but opt for something much more informal and available to anyone in your company. Watch your email for further developments on the subby replacement for 2021. The nominations committee has decided to give a number of the SUBBY Awards, so keep those nominations coming in. 

Time to Decide who is a Subcontractor and Who is an Employee – Every time you bid you have to determine if your competition is subbing out some of the work to an independent contractor.  We all know this happens and the sub-sub is often pay less than the required legal wage, taxes and insurance.  Make an informed decision.  There will be a very informative session with enforcement agents with US DoL Wage and Hour and the DC Attorney General’s office.  Learn the right way to use subs and what happens if you do not.  Register here for this free, safe discussion of your rights on February 11 at 11:00am.  

Payment Survey – The payment survey we put out in the last newsletter got limited response. We need everyone to take this payment survey in order to make a case to general contractors and legislators that payment to subcontractors is an issue.  Click here to take the survey.

Credit Approval for GCs and Owners – What is your GC and Owner’s ability to pay?  One of our members has developed a credit approval process that is sent to every project executive.  It includes the elements of a “project information sheet”, how to confirm project funding and getting a credit application. Reply to this email to obtain a copy of the paper. 

FrontRunners Information Exchange will now take place on February 18   The FrontRunners Committee welcomes future leaders of ASA of Metro Washington to this unique opportunity to join others who seek the best information to determine who to bid or what to look out for in current jobs. All ASA Sub and Supplier Members are welcome to join this event. 

How Do We Perform in the Workplace Without Bias?  Last night Sue Vanderoef and Michele Paxton from KSM Consulting spoke to fifty ASA and NAWIC members and pointed out how we tend to unconsciously carry biases and micro-inequities not only related to gender, but ethnicity, political affiliation, parental status, education and more. We look forward to having more hard conversations between men and women so that we can work toward breaking down barriers and building better relationships in the workplace so that women (and others) feel a welcome part of our industry.

Advocacy Issues

Maryland: Proposed legislation to improve payment will take a considerable effort on the part of ASAMW and its lobbying partner ACE. A bill introduced by Senator Antonio Hayes of Baltimore will require the public entities to make payment in 15 days rather than the current 30 days.  This will significantly improve subcontractor payment. Click here for more information on SB 336. 

DC: A meeting was held yesterday with Council Member Brooke Pinto to discuss subcontractor issues.  She is committed to “ensuring that our government is transparent, accessible, and accountable to the residents it serves.”  

Virginia: Bid-listing as a way to prevent wage theft is getting a lot of attention in the Virginia Legislature.  Several bills to require a GC to list all subcontractors and sub-subcontractors have been introduced.   

Member Issues

Member Update  Longtime ASAMW member, ACECO, LLC announces the appointment of Stephen D. Smith as its new President effective January 1, 2021. Michael Citron will remain as Chairman.  Congratulations to both.

PPP Loans – Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle will hold a Webinar to answer your questions on the PPP loans on Tuesday at 9:30 am Click here to register

COVID 19 Vaccines – Smith, Currie answers your questions about how to handle Covid 19 vaccines for your employees.  Click here for the article.  

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